saturdays 2 - 4 pm*

*classes are cancelled until further notice. To be placed on the class email list, send an email to:

a sustained and intense yoga based warm-up focusing on building strength and proper alingment coupled with a fast-paced and challenging company class utilizing the fundamentals of method technique and teaching phrase material ripped from the latest method repertoire. all levels welcome!!!

5 CLASS CARD >> $70
10 CLASS CARD >> $125

Please bring kneepads to class as there is floor work and appropriate protective gear is required!!!!
fall >> up / down / left / right

method synthesizes athleticism with subtly nuanced sensuality creating a unique language for motion and momentum. The class trains dancers to have liberated, fearless and articulate bodies, so they can engage in extreme physicalities.
method makes liberal use of the floor as a launch pad for explorations of flight, a landing pad, and a duet partner; playing with gravity, both overcoming it and succumbing to it, as well as using the weight of the upper body and the propulsion of the legs to carve the space and exist in the off-center environment.
kneepads and fearlessness

a willingness to work hard building strength and engaging in risk-taking, virtuosic athleticism, and rigorous physical work. The warm-up involves accessing breath, yoga poses, and lots of core work (back extensions, abdominal exercises), focusing on proper mechanical alignment for accessing muscular power and attack.

all classes taught at the beautiful new
brochus project studios
downtown brewery arts complex
618-b moulton avenue
los angeles / california / 90031